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Yes.  With your hosting account login, we can review your account to make sure you have the right sort of account set up and that you aren't paying for more than you need.  And from there we can begin to build your website.

This is dependant on your web hosting account, but with most hosting accounts this is completely possible.  We can help you to set this up.

This is why we got into business in the first place.  We had friends and business associates that needed a relatively simple web site that looked good, but they were finding that companies that offer to build websites expect that you have a minimum budget of $5,000 if not $10,000.  Websites should not cost that much unless you are a large corporation planning on having millions of customers on your site at one time.


To give a ballpark estimate, most of our clients have a web hosting package through our partner (Host Gator) that costs them under $5 a month.  This includes the web site and email addresses associated with that web site.  They require that you pay for at least a year's worth of hosting, but the more you buy, the cheaper it gets.  Most clients pay for at least 3 years worth upfront and pay less than $200 and then they don't worry about it for 3 years.  In addition to web hosting there is domain registration which runs between $10 and $15 per year.  But these are the only ongoing charges.


The one time fees for web design depend on the design elements.  For a content management website we estimate $1000.  The majority of our clients can get what they need with a $1000 website.  This includes web site design, content management setup, custom web pages and training on how to update your site.  If your require additional add-ons (i.e. a storefront, client login areas, etc.) then these are priced individually.


We also offer monthly maintenance to our clients.  In case you would prefer not to have to update your own site, we can do it for you.


Please contact us for a custom price for your custom web design.

We can do that.  We need the web hosting account login or at least the ftp site login and we can make updates.  Please contact us to discuss your design needs as well as your custom pricing.

We do custom html email design and can even help to set up and account for you with an email provider.  We price email design individually and email accounts vary in pricing depending on the number of email addresses that you are sending the email to.

Search Engine Optimization involves making your website easy for clients to find through search engines like Yahoo and Google. We automatically design websites to meet SEO standards but we also offer additional services to register you with the various search engines and make them notice your site.  Don't trust anyone that says they can control what page your website will appear on in a search unless they work for the search engine company itself.  But there is work that can be done to help your search engine ranking and Axiom would be honored to provide you with this service.